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In Ambassador Spa Centre, there is a professional management who provides many alternative healing therapies such as skin care, hydro therapy, beauty therapy, pedicure and many other personal treatments. In this SPA center there are many electronic and computerized devices for treatments like jet shower, fusion shower, shock pool, body capsule, Jacuzzi, ice bath
In Spa Centre, there is also Turkish Bath, Sauna, Steam Bath, Massage, Doctor, Nurse


The heat and steam in the traditional Turkish Bath expel toxins from the body and the scrubbing revitalising the skin by removing dead cells.


Volcanic rocks are placed on the energy centers of the body to rid the body of negative energy. It renews spiritual, physical and mental energy resulting in total physical relaxation.


Herbal oils are used either locally or on the whole body. Regular treatments will ensure relief from muscular pains, stiff muscles, aches and pains in various parts of the body, particularly in the back, lower back and neck caused by calcification and rheumatism.


This massage technique has its roots in the Far East and consists mainly of pressing, tensing, stretching and pulling of the body and head using flowing movements.


All the body is treated with various aromatic essences each with its own health giving property. It relaxes the nervous system, reduces stress and energises the body.


While your body is being massaged with the aromatic oils your therapist has chosen for you every drop of water that falls has the effect of a natural massage. The water gives its own special feeling of well being the floral oils will nourish your soul resulting in total relaxation.


Sea salt is mixed with natural aromatic oils suitable to your skin type and is massaged with flowing movements to the whole body. The mineral supplements and the massage result in complete relaxation.


It uses different manipulations to expel toxins which cause cellulite from specific areas and from the whole body.


Massage of the lymph system releases blocked fluids allowing them to flow freely. It regularises the circulatory system by expelling toxins which cause water retention and swelling.

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