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Our priority is to provide the highest level of health and safety for our guests and employees.

As the Ambassador family, with the advice of our national Health officials and expert team, necessary measures are determined and arrangements are made to provide a safer holiday environment with legal regulations and scientific data. We believe that these arrangements and measures will be more efficient with your help and participation.

The most important rules in these precautions are social distance, frequent hand washing, hand hygiene and rules to be followed within the hotel (number of people in closed areas, Spa, Fitness, Massage time usage etc.) spread of COVID-19 Social distance involves avoiding close  contact between people and maintaining a distance of at least 1.5 m between us and people. Please be careful to follow the social distance rules. In accordance with the regulations determined by our state in accordance with the legislation, we demand that the necessary regulations regarding the use of the areas to be closed be followed and the social distance rules outside these areas are observed. For your safety and health we have opened some special areas that need attention in terms of hygiene with reservation in line with certain restrictions. You can make the necessary information and reservation regarding the use of these areas by getting help from reception or guest relations Our rooms are disinfected with special medicines and are prepared in the most appropriate way for your health according to the covid-19 hygiene standard. The materials (towels, slippers, etc.) you will use in the room are presented hygienically without hand contact You can find the usage hours of our units such as restaurant, bar, spa, fitness, game room in the concept document shared with you at the reception. In accordance with the legislation, you can access the program information regarding the activities to be carried out in a crowded and collective manner, and the Animation and entertainment activities that are rearranged as required outside of Miniclup, from the activity boards.

For your health and hygiene, we want you to take advantage of the hand disinfectant units we put at the entrances of the common areas and to wash and disinfect your hands for at least 20 seconds in accordance with the pandemic process. When we need to measure your body temperature at the facility at certain times, we request you to help out team

If you think you have experienced any of the obvious symptoms of Covid-19, please contact the reception as soon as possible and please do not leave your room.

When you leave the facility, we ask you to use the masks you received from the reception and to obey the social distance rules outside. In this way, we will take the necessary precautions against external diseases.

The rules we have identified above are purely for your health and safety. We believe that no mask can hide the joy of being with you even though we will work within a set of rules until we bypass this process

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